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reesON offers a one-stop digital process to manage the rental process

Whether you’re renting out a house in the country side or a prominent flat in a vibrant city, reesON is there to support you running a hassle-free and efficient rental process for all involved parties.


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    Browsing & Selection
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    Screening & Descision
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    Portfolio Management
  • Browsing & Selection

    Applicant browses existing real estate listing platforms for suitable flats

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    Contact Once decided, applicant contacts agent/landlord via reesON platform

  • Coordination

    Applicant sets up initial profile and indicates suitable viewing times to reesON platform


    Agent/landlord checks viewing schedule and confirms/reschedules

  • Viewing

    Agent/landlord presents the flat in the best way to the interested applicants

  • Application
    One click

    If interested in flat, applicant transmits application via reesON with a single click including relevant information e.g.: CV, references, income, credit score, etc.

  • Screening & Descision

    Agent/landlord screens and analyses applications on reesON to easily find optimal tenant


    Once decided for a tenant, reesON automatically generates tailored rental agreement

  • Portfolio Management

    reesON ensures frictionless communication between landlord and tenant to solve arising issues quickly


    reesON keeps track of real estate data and quality to ensure proper treatment

  • reesON offers benefits for all

    reesON empowers you to realize significant efficiency gains and huge time savings. Furthermore, we help you to communicate frictionlessly with each other.

    • Single point of contact
    • Automated scheduling of viewing times and applicants
    • Optional bidding/auction mechanism
    • Optimized balance of rent yield and vacancies
    • Frictionless sharing of documents without need for document 'ping-pong'
    • One-click application
    • Frictionless communication during rental process
    • Easy solving of issues
    • Holistic and joint screening of applicants' data
    • Easy identification of tenant with 'optimal fit' score
    • Build-up of transparent real estate history
    • Complete history of tenant interaction supports future transactions
  • im3 reesON Benefits for Agents

    • reesON as single point of contact for all incoming applications
    • Fewer e-mails and phone calls from applicants
    • Automated scheduling of viewing times and participants
    • No need to chase applicants for missing paperwork
    • Online screening and reviewing of applicants together with landlords
    • Integration with existing CRM solutions
    • More time to spend with your clients (or on the golf course...)

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  • reesON Benefits for Landlords / Property Managers

    • Customized preferences regarding applicants (families or students? pets? musicians?)
    • Powerful screening tools incl. tailored applicant rankings and proposals
    • Select tenant based on holistic and transparent set of criteria
    • Optimized balance of rent yield and vacancies through bidding/auction mechanism
    • Simple tool to interact with your tenants

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  • reesON Benefits for Tenants

    • No more time consuming preparation of separate applications
    • Secure management and transmission of application documents
    • No more 'document ping-pong' with agents
    • Simple one-click applications for the flats that you like
    • Get tailored offers by businesses in your new neighbourhood
    • Stay in touch with your landlord/property manager to resolve issues quickly

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reesON handles your documents securely

Your privacy and security of your data is of paramount importance to reesON

We guarantee the highest security standards by locating all of our server facilities in Germany only.
In fact, it is much safer to share documents on reesON than via e-mail.

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